chemiluminescence box

The chemiluminescence box is an instrument that is designed to measure chemiluminescence of sheet-shaped samples, mainly papers and book pages. It is possible to measure chemiluminescence of a single page of a book without influencing the rest of the book. A measurement can be set up in a way that is not destructive to the sample. The measurement is performed in a controlled atmosphere. Homogeneity of temperature of the sample is assured. It is possible to set three measurement parameters: the temperature of the sample, flow of control gas and its humidity.

The box cooperates with the LUMIPOL 3 instrument which is used as a signal collector.


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Temperature range: ambient to 150C
Accuracy of temperature: 0.25%
Mode of measurement: isothermal (intensity / time)
Measuring atmosphere: nitrogen, oxygen, air, mixtures of oxygen and nitrogen and other less reactive gases + humidity
Range of gas flow: 0 - 1000 ml/min
Range of water flow: 0 - 5 g/hour
Size of sample: book, maximum format A4
single sheet, maximum format A3


The measurement of chemiluminescence is performed under predefined conditions. The measuring chamber is a cylindrical space that has a diameter of 20 mm and height of 5 mm. The sample is heated from the non-measured side by a flat heater and from the measured side by a stream of controlled atmosphere. The homogeneity of temperature of the sample is excellent. The atmosphere is heated to the controlled temperature. The parameters of the measurement, the atmosphere flow, temperature and humidity can be set via a controlling application. The chemiluminescence signal is collected by an optical cable connected to the centre of the measuring chamber.

The box assists the research of chemiluminescence of sheet like samples - papers and even whole books or other flat samples. Measurement can be set up in a way that causes no damage to the researched sample.

This instrument is connected to another instrument that is capable of measuring chemiluminescence from a connected optical cable. It is intended to be used by the LUMIPOL 3 instrument, which is connected to the box by an adapter.


Power supply: 230VAC max. 75W
Data connectors: E-7000 9-pin sub-D connector
(RS232 to COM3)
RS232 9-pin sub-D connector
(RS 232 to COM4)
Computer requirements: Pentium, 800MHz, CD ROM, 2 free COM Ports, OS Windows 98 or higher
Mechanical specification: 880 x 750 x 680 mm (w x l x h)
Weight: 68 Kg
Sample: thin sheet, foil or film


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The instrument is connected to a computer via two COM ports. The adjustment of controlling parameters and the collection of measured data is done via an application designed for OS Windows 98 or higher. The application includes a measurement-recovery capability that saves collected data and resumes a measurement in progress when there is a power failure or the controlling computer freezes. The collecting interval can be set from 1s to an arbitrary integer multiple.


The chemiluminescence box was developed in the frame of the PAPYLUM project which is a part of the Key Action The City of Tomorrow and Cultural Heritage under the 5th Framework Programme. The project is supported by the European Commission.

The chemiluminescence box with attached LUMIPOL 3 instrument is used to measure chemiluminescence of the thermal degradation of cellulose and paper. Since it is possible to measure chemiluminescence without damaging the sample, the box is a very good choice for book conservators performing restoration of historical documents and books. More information can be found on the PAPYLUM page.